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Inspired by Joe Todd-Stanton’s book The Comet, our recent project ‘Flying Libraries’ in partnership with Kirklees Libraries saw 90 Year 4 children from Beaumont School in Huddersfield creating their very own Comet trail.

We transformed the Cholavan into the ‘Flying Library’, and through drama, story-telling and world building, the children worked together to discover all the different journeys that the comet had been on.

After worlds upon worlds of creative fun and story-making, off we zoomed in the van in the thunderstorms, to put the comet back where we found it, in the hope that its adventures would continue into the night.

Who knows where our next Cholavan flying library might land next? Watch this space to find out…

The Comet

The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton is a picture book touching on the impact of moving away from home and how this effects our relationships and sense of belonging, but also how it can open us up to new experiences and allow us to cherish the old ones.

Follow Joe Todd-Stanton on Twitter: @joetoddstanton

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