Imaginary Communities at Bagshaw Museum

On Tuesday 29 June we went on a day trip to Bagshaw Museum with East Bierley School, one of our second year partners in our Imaginary Communities Caring and Creative Schools project. The project aims to develop greater connections with local museum partners and showcase how Imaginary Communities can be embedded in a number of settings.

The activities were centred around intrepid Victorian explorer Amelia Oldroyd. Amelia helped bring ancient Egyptian artefacts back to Dewsbury in 1898, many of which are now displayed in the Bagshaw Museum.

The young people had a fantastic day exploring the museum and getting up to fun and creative activities: story-making, character-building, object reflection, riddles and more. They also had a chance to explore the Cholavan, where they considered questions like ‘what is the role of the curator?’ and ‘why do we collect items from history?’.

The day ended in a reflection activity, allowing the young people to share thoughts of their day and how it felt to be an explorer and history detective. They talked about what skills are needed, and why they felt it was important to respect the past.

Please see a selection of photographs from the day below.

The Imaginary Communities project is made possible with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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