Unleashing Creativity, Fueling Confidence: Chol’s Impact Report 22/23

This year, our impact report isn’t just about numbers; it’s a celebration of the creative revolution blossoming across Yorkshire. No fancy jargon, just real stories of young changemakers setting the world alight.  We’ve seen playgrounds of possibility taking root, where laughter echoes and young hands let creativity take the lead. So grab a brew and read all about our 22/23 triumphs, showing that imagination is the ultimate revolution!

Every Young Person, a Creative Powerhouse:

We worked with over 4,749 amazing children across Yorkshire who lit up their classrooms and playgrounds with their artistic skills and unwavering confidence. We delivered professional development workshops to over 458 educators and artists, igniting a revolution in education and supporting educators to be champions of creativity. Our Caring & Creative Schools programme, supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is reimagining education in Yorkshire. We have partnered with 16 schools, but not just to teach creative skills – we’re nurturing environments where care and empathy thrive. This journey extends beyond school walls, as we connect with arts organisations, universities, and researchers, building a robust ecosystem for innovative education.

Community Canvas, Painted with Rich Stories:

The Cholavan found its way into 16 community settings, working with over 979 young people and their families to bring exciting and engaging arts opportunities into the heart of the community. Our trusty Cholavan also played a key role whilst journeying into heritage, identity, and belonging; from the echoes of the1984 miners’ strike in “A Flock of Stories”, to “An Irish Welcome”, a celebration of the Irish community in Huddersfield. Our third heritage play “Three Pounds in my Pocket” was a new outdoor performance sharing stories of partition and the journeys made to Yorkshire.

Young Producers: Amplifying the Next Generation:

The future belongs to the voices that are amplified. We worked with 12 young producers, equipping them with real-life creative work experience through our dynamic Young Producers Programme. We saw first hand how their talents flourished as they led the charge in Sheffield’s “Listen 52,” an immersive performance that brought youth concerns and aspirations to the forefront, leaving audiences inspired and ready to act.

A Legacy of Imagination: Building a Sustainable Future for Creativity:

From project grants to individual donations, your support has continued to fuel Chol’s mission. We were so lucky to secure National Portfolio Organisation funding for three years, allowing us to dream bigger and impact deeper. While navigating post-pandemic challenges, we have strategically diversified our income, venturing into evaluation consultancy and commissioned projects.

Beyond the numbers though, our statistics can’t capture the spark in a young person’s eye or the warmth of shared stories. For us at Chol, it’s about young people finding their voice, a community celebrating their heritage, and educators unlocking the creative potential within every child. It’s a revolution taking root, fuelled by radical kindness, artistic exploration, and an unfaltering belief in the power of young hearts and minds.

Join us. Be a part of the story. Together, we can ignite a creative revolution where every young person feels powerful, valued, and connected.

Join the Revolution:

With a huge thanks to all our partners and freelancers:Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Stephanie Sim of Arts Council England, Steph Green of Stage Directions, Lisa Stephenson of Leeds Beckett University, John Lambe and Nigel Hunston of Kirklees Council, Tiffany Haigh of Kirklees Libraries, Chloe Williams of The Children’s Art School, Sarah Godfrey of Chula, Dr Becky Parry, Lauren Townsend, Liz Harding and Jayne Wood of RSPB at Old Moor, Paul Floyd Blake, Emma Williams, Joe Gilmour-Rees, Tamar Draper, Beccy Dye, Paul Bateson, Grace Darbyshire, Alex Barrett, Abbey Walters, Trevor Grossett, Sean Lovell, Zac Doughty, Jess Gray, Peter Martin of Site Gallery, Kerry Lindeque,  Sheffield College, Fusion, Evoke, Create Sheffield, Kathy Coates-Mohammad of Shape North, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Bob Mynors, Chris Reece & Marcia Layne of Sheffield Volunteer Libraries, Rebecca Maddox,  Katie Ponting of Barnsley Libraries, Jack Riley and Barnsley Youth Theatre, Jude Holland of Barnsley Museums, Nicola Harding, Emma jackson, The Rockingham Brass Band, Barnsley Brass Band. Our partner schools; Wellhouses, Chellow Heights, Kings Oak, East Bierley , Coleridge and Boniface.

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