angry girls

Empowering young voices through art and activism

angry girls is a collective of young people and artists in Sheffield exploring contemporary feminism. It began in April 2023, born out of a frustration at the media’s portrayal of women’s anger as hysterical and irrational, and an aim to amplify the voices of young women, girls and marginalised genders. In this next stage of angry girls, young people, alongside Chol producers, will make creative work informed by their lived experiences and what they’ve got to say about the world.

angry girls presents…

Join us on Saturday 30 March at the Samuel Worth Chapel in Sheffield as the angry girls collective present this bold and immersive theatre piece exploring contemporary feminism. This collaboratively produced performance cultivates hope as we step outside the bonds of expectations and discover forms of resistance in our daily lives. Join us as we celebrate what it means to be seen and heard, it’s time to release the fury and make some noise! Find out more and book your tickets here.

What inspires you to be bold?

On Saturday 23 March we hit the streets of Sheffield, armed with curiosity and two simple questions: ‘Who inspires you to be bold?’ and ‘How are you bold?’. In anticipation of our show ‘Speak, Rage, Soar’, we set up camp in Cholavan at The Peace Gardens to chat to passersby, dreamers and game-changers alike and we were BLOWN AWAY by their responses. 

From pioneering activists to fearless feminists, from the bonds of family to the camaraderie of friends, from next door neighbours to everyday heroes whose audacity knows no bounds, each answer painted a picture of courage and inspiration. 

The responses were so full of wisdom, we decided we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves. We invite you to dive into our digital treasure trove of narratives that celebrate the essence of bravery in all its forms. A collective symphony of boldness, resilience and power. We hope you enjoy as much as we did! 

What makes you angry?

Help to inform our angry girls project by telling us what makes YOU angry. Send us a message / comment on our social channels, or email us on This could be anything, from the gender pay gap to being cat-called when you go for a run. We always appreciate your feedback.

Large-scale theatre performance

The youth-led theatre performance live event in the heart of Sheffield happening in March 2024. This will be complemented by various other elements that could include artworks created during the workshops, panel discussions, spoken word performances, and music presentations, all inspired by the themes explored in the outreach work.

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