In these times, it’s easy to feel helpless and powerless.

But there is power in collective action.

We have a responsibility as individuals and as part of communities to raise our voices and speak up for what’s right. We demand Rishi Sunak to call for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid. Please see a list of resources below.

Get in touch with your local MP

Contact your local MP, here is an easy-to-use template:

Sign petitions


There are lots of charities you can donate to, including:



Medical Aid for Palestinians

Respect all faiths

Hate crimes towards both the Jewish and Muslim communities have increased exponentially in the past few weeks. If you see or experience a hate crime, we urge you to report it.

Please find more information here:

Educate yourselves and your children

Read. Watch. Follow. Explore. Please get in touch with us for some useful resources, for now, here’s a few:



My Neighbourhood (short film)
Promises (Oscar-nominated documentary)
Lemon Tree (movie on Amazon Prime Video US)
Encounter Point (documentary shot in Arabic and Hebrew)

Books for older kids and adults

Code Name: Butterfly
Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
Salt Houses
The Blue Between Sky and Water

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