Young Producers receive Silver Art Awards

We are very proud to share that Young Producers Maia and Lois recently received their Silver Art Awards, which made up part of our Young Producer internship between January and August this year, as they worked with us to deliver Listen 52.

An opportunity for young people to take up an artistic challenge and a leadership role too, the Silver Art Awards is a nationally recognised qualification providing participants with a broad range of transferrable skills, encompassing creativity and project management, while learning to be an effective reviewer and researcher.

There are two strands to Silver Arts Award – one focusing on artistic practice and the other on arts leadership. Completing both successfully requires teamwork and independence, creativity and critical thinking, leadership and collaboration, confidence and communication.

Maia and Lois used on one of the creative assignments as part of their internship to explore the leadership unit and took on a brand new artistic challenge to develop their own practice. We are extremely proud of their hard work to gain this award and now the internship has come to an end wish them both well in their next steps as part of their arts careers.

Maia said: “It was really nice to revaluate my progress when completing the arts award portfolio. Thank you Chol for for helping me jump-start my career as a creative.”

We look forward to hearing what Maia and Lois get up to next!

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