Young Artists 2024

Our brilliant Young Artists are working alongside the Young Producers to make work that responds to communities stories and local history. They have been busy in schools, colleges and community groups facilitating workshops and generating ideas for our Spring ’24 show.  


Flo Gill is a queer British-Pakistani multimedia artist and aspiring heartthrob. Born and raised in Doncaster, they create projects that splay across mediums, bring people together, and are inspired by our ever-evolving environment. While theatre remains their one true love, animation, collage, video, and poetry always find a way into their work. By day Flo works in the box office at Theatre Royal Wakefield, by night they are an amateur chef, early career playwright, and dog whisperer extraordinaire. Their current work explores domesticity, gender roles in the kitchen, and how the act of cooking can both empower and confine women. 

Flo spent the last five years in the USA after receiving a scholarship to study at Bennington College (VT, USA), and then received a fellowship at Berkeley Repertory Theatre (CA, USA). Flo is a Trustee on the Board of Bennington College, and an alumna of the Sutton Trust US Programme, which is delivered in partnership with the Fulbright Commission.


I am a curious and adventurous community theatre practitioner working in Manchester. I am interested in what really works within socially engaged art, and thinking about how we can capture and share this feeling.  I work in a variety of community settings, including prisons, probation hubs, schools and alternative provisions, delivering theatre workshops and connecting with a wide range of people. I am curious about how art can encourage real and genuine connections between people, both within and across communities. Research on care within the arts (and all the wonderful ways the two intersect) inspires me, as it places people and thoughtfulness at the heart of what is valued and important, both in my artistic practice and personal life.

I am angry that there is enough in-justice in the world to charge us with frustration in the first place, but it is invigorating to be churning our angry energy into something creative, powerful and productive together.


Kerry is an intersectional feminist activist, based in Sheffield. She loves using her powers of creativity, organising, and joyful enthusiasm to champion marginalised genders’ rights, platform their voices, and fight the patriarchy. A graduate of History and Politics from the University of Sheffield, she has been involved in projects with Our Bodies Our Streets, Sheffield Students’ Union, Chula, and now Chol!

‘I am angry because lately I’ve seen so many spaces which claim to be feminist but are not inclusive to trans women. Making ‘feminist’ spaces exclusive to cis women is only benefiting the patriarchy and the lack of solidarity for all marginalised genders makes me furious!’

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