What makes you angry?

Once you begin to answer that question, it’s amazing how quickly the words come pouring out, as though a volcano is erupting, and those responses, reactions, tones, thoughts you’ve kept squashed inside, are free.

Co-director Carly has been working with a group of young performers from Sheffield College as part of our ‘angry girls’ project, which we will be officially launching next week on Thursday 23 February at Soft Ground, Sheffield.

Inspired by the myth of Cassandra, the work with young performers at Sheffield College began the exploration of feminine rage. Anger is an emotion that signals to us that something is wrong. It tells us that we need to protect ourselves, prepare, and trust our instincts. And yet, as women, when we feel ‘anger’, we can be described as ’emotional’, ‘hormonal’, ‘irrational’, ‘feisty’, ‘bossy’ – whereas on the other hand, men might be described as ‘opinionated’, ‘ambitious’, ‘bold’, ‘driven’, or ‘passionate’.

Together we devised a theatre piece highlighting what it is to not be believed, or have your experiences hushed, silenced and ignored.

Don’t be silly Cassie, that is not important, what you like doesn’t matter, what are they going to think that top means? For clothes have meanings, don’t they? Clothes have a purpose? Clothes have a language, you can’t always hear it, but men speak the language, read the signs, know what your clothes are saying to them.

Carly said: “These extraordinary young women created and powerfully performed a piece sharing their experiences and what it feels like to be a young woman right now, whilst echoing the same sentiment and challenges faced by women for generations. There is a call to action to raise our voices, and encourage our audiences to do the same. Moments of silence in the audience signals a hope, that the words inspire action in challenging inequity seen and felt.”

On Thursday 23 February we invite you to join us for our exciting launch event to explore your thoughts, feelings, anger, and strive for an empowered future for women and other marginalised genders.  

We are hosting a live exhibition with workshops, performances and a chance for you to meet and create with other feminists on the issues that matter to you. Participation and co-creation is at the heart of what we do and this launch event is where we work alongside one another to shape the manifesto of our project. There will be exhibitions, zine making, embroidery, theatre performance, music and snacks. 

This event is FREE. Please book your place through Eventbrite. The collective will continue to meet once a month exploring where art and activism meet in a series of creative sessions, watch this space for more information.

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