Chol hosts TimeCrashers, taking audience members on an ‘innovative’ journey through Sheffield’s history

Taking place over two days, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 April, ‘TimeCrashers’ was the final event in the Tall Shadows project. The event was directed and produced by Chol’s Creative Director Lauren Ash, with a talented mix of professional artists and young people who made up the performance cast and production team.

TimeCrashers boasted a combination of live performance, filmed footage and escape room style challenges, immersing audience members in an interactive online experience. Set in Sheffield’s only time-travelling nightclub, the performance opened up with a promotional video voiced over by Q, who the audience soon met as the nightclub’s part-owner with Bee. The audience were invited to travel through time, using break-out rooms to witness and experience many different eras from Sheffield’s past, including a nostalgic trip back to 1980s Park Hill Flats and journeying through some of Sheffield’s most haunted locations.

They also witnessed the beautiful love story of Frank and Joy, inspired by the artwork of Pete McKee. As the evening wore on, disaster struck in the TimeCrashers nightclub, in the form of a time breach! The audience were required to solve challenges to restore the timeline to its rightful order.

The event received glowing feedback from audience members, being described as ‘innovative,’ ‘thoughtful’ and ‘educational’, and one audience member described it as, ‘an amazing, very unique concept.’

Creative Director Lauren Ash said, ‘I am immensely proud of the achievements of this talented group of individuals. Each and every one of them has worked extremely hard to turn our fantastical idea into a reality. We started with huge ambitions and I am happy to say we created a show that was truly one of a kind.’

If you were unable to attend the event, it is being reworked into an online adventure game that will be available to experience in the coming weeks.

Part of our Tall Shadows programme funded by Arts Council England.

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