There’s a scab on Rotherham and the media won’t let it heal’ Tom aged 15.


Chol artists spent an inspiring day at the Rotherham Youth Conference in the Easter break; it was great to meet so many brilliant and engaged young people at the My Place centre. Choreographers Jess and Clara got everybody moving and dancing as we started to learn some of The Mix moves; this set the positive vibe for the day and got everyone smiling. The drama workshops to explored life in Rotherham, and we heard young people’s perspectives of how their town is represented in the media. Everyone was really supportive of each other, gave lots of energy and it was great to gather ideas for the upcoming show. One of our commission winners Matt Smith gave an amazing performance at lunchtime to tremendous applause, a great warm up for 2nd May and we cannot wait to hear more. Just 2 weeks to go before ‘Taking Back the Town’ showcases what young people in Rotherham really can do when we shine a light on their talent.


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