Mahnoor Khan


Brief info

Mahnoor Anees Khan is a teacher of English at All Saints Catholic High School in Sheffield. She is from Pakistan and emigrated to the UK, five years ago. Before beginning her career in secondary education in the UK, she taught English as an Additional Language in Pakistan and Oman to adults. She's currently pursuing a diploma in child psychology and trauma informed practice. Outside the classroom, Mahnoor's research interests are decolonising the curriculum, trauma informed pastoral support and child psychology. In her spare time, she is a photographer, a poet, and enjoys knitting a scarf over a cup of tea in an hour. Mahnoor believes strongly that the only way to engage young people is to make them feel represented. In a world where we are still working towards equity, Mahnoor's aim in her classroom is to ensure every child feels heard, valued, and respected. She believes education should be accessed creatively and shared with humour, passion, and snacks.

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