Red and Rufus

Welcome to our new animation – Red and Rufus. This is a four part story that will be released weekly so make sure you check back in for the next installment.

Each week will will bring you the next episode in Red and Rufus’ story and give you some suggestions of follow on activities.

Week 1

In this week’s animation you will meet Red and Rufus. Rufus is a hedgehog a ‘laid back Larry’ with a heart of gold. Red is a Robin, you can always rely on Red to provide the morning entertainment in the roost.

Things to Try Next…

Can you write a diary entry from a day in the life of Red and Rufus? Here is a handy link to help you write a diary entry.

Can you explore outside, with an adult, and see if you can find a place where a robin or a hedgehog might live?

Can you make your own Rufus or Red finger puppets? Click here to see some how to instructions.

Can you learn or make up a song and sing it for your family?

Week 2

This week find out what life is like in the roost with Red and on the road with Rufus.

Things to Try Next…

Can you write or record a news article about what happens next in the story? Here is a web page to help you.

Can you draw a picture of where you think Mr Fox lives?

Can you discover some differences in your home, garden or outdoor spaces?

Can you find your favourite tree?

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