Museums of Imagination


I remember my first trip to the Natural History Museum, walking into the enormous building, and facing the gigantic dinosaur skeleton just through the entrance. A reminder of how small I was, and yet, it invoked an enormous curiosity and my imagination as to what this incredible creature was and how they lived? A few weeks ago I performed in our Tales of the Hudd at the Tolson Museum, a show inspired by Seth Mosley’s Cabinet of Curiosity, exploring what happens when objects are released from the cabinet, and with them, their stories too. Our production happily coincided with an exhibition from 3rd year BA English students from Huddersfield University. They had created their own Cabinets of Curiosity inspired by characters and stories from literature. I found myself thinking once again about the importance of museums; connecting who we are now in this ever-changing world, to the world of the past. It is a powerful way for us to learn and to reflect. Museums ignite our curiosity; we play the role of explorer, discovering the stories behind the objects and igniting our imagination. We must keep these stories ready, waiting to be discovered.


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