Young Producers 2024

Our incredible team of Young Producers from across Sheffield are working together to produce an original performance piece based around combatting marginalised gender biases of all forms using ideas from social movements, lived experience and the positive change they want to see in the future.




Ailsa is an artist and theatre practitioner based in West Yorkshire. Since graduating from the University of Leeds with a BA in Fine Art and Contemporary Cultural Theory in 2023, she has explored her artistic interests through a range of projects in both theatre and film, working in prop making, stage design, and stage management. She is inspired creatively by the overlap between art and design, specifically when it comes to telling stories, and how both are constantly interwoven with current events and personal histories. As a Young Producer on Angry Girls, she is excited to create a thoughtful and evocative piece of theatre, and to explore the logistics and teamwork that is required to bring a large-scale event to life.  

I am angry because society, particularly in the media and creative industries, perpetrates the idea that women have to compete against each other in order to be successful, when in reality success always comes when we are a united front against any obstacles we have to face.

Darlene is a recent Graduate from the University of Manchester with a B/A degree in Drama and Film studies. She is local to Sheffield and is a proud northerner with a passion and drive to use the creative arts as a tool of bringing people together. She enjoys writing spoken word poetry, organising youth workshops and content creating on social media. Her past work experience with producer work involved creating a museum exhibition, delivering arts youth programmes and assisting on the very first WOW Rotherham festival in 2022. Now in her current stage on the angry girls project she’s looking forward to bringing her enthusiasm, fun loving and collaborative spirit to the project.

I am frustrated at the misrepresentation and underrepresentation within the cultural arts and the way certain stories are left untold or stories which are told from an outside inauthentic perspective. I feel that every story matters and every story is a matter of representation.

Please note – my preference is not to use the term angry.

Phoebe Hay is a Leeds-based emerging producer with a love for stories. She loves stories that explore provocative and thought-provoking content on challenging topics such as mental health, sexuality and identity. Her creative practice involves working in film, commercial broadcasts, music videos, live events and theatre. Phoebe is dedicated to uplifting disadvantaged communities and individuals in the North to reach their full creative potential. Phoebe also graduated from Leeds Arts University with a First Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking and has working credits on feature film productions with Amazon and the CBBC.

I am angry when I see the ‘Older Female Stereotype’ in the media. Women are typically valued for their youth and beauty, whereas men are prized for their comedy, wealth and intelligence. Because representation in the media indicates social existence, and under-representation indicates in-existence, the media’s refusal to portray ageing women reinforces an unattainable cultural standard that perpetuates women’s struggle to fight ageing at all costs.

Quiana is an Actor and Creative from Sheffield. A graduate from Sheffield Hallam University and a previous member of Leeds Actors in Training, she has previously performed in venues such as Sheffield Theatres, Leeds City Varieties Hall, Seven Arts, Leeds. An extraordinary theatrical background, she is excited to explore the world of theatre producing with Angry Girls and Chol Theatre. 

I am angry because of the lack of recognition for women that work in the media recently. The fact that we’re given platforms to tell stories yet our counterparts take the credit is really upsetting. I would love to tell a story that we can all relate to one day. 


Erin is a 19 year old Musical Theatre college student from Sheffield, she loves writing and singing the most but also finds joy in singing and signing to songs. She is also a feminist and loves supporting women and also spreading awareness for all types of disabilities like Autism and ADHD of which she has both. Body positivity especially on social media is also a passion of hers. She is hoping to pursue a career in musical theatre, possibly teaching and performing. As a Young Producer on Angry Girls she hopes this will bring new experiences for her and give her a broader outlook on a career in the theatre district. This is onstage and also the production and backstage part of the industry.  

I am angry because social media can be so discriminatory and rude against people like me. I feel more needs to be done to raise awareness and responsibility in this area. I also feel that there needs to be more awareness in relation to female security e.g. to be able to walk alone in the dark without feeling unsafe.    

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