Home Activities with Chol

Get creative at home with these fun activities for you and your kids.

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities

Get inventive, like professor Abdullah, and follow this link to see how to create your own Cabinet of Curiosities.

Drama Games at Home

Follow the link to get creative with these fun drama activities you can try at home for you and your kids.

Drawing Challenge

We are looking for anyone with a love of drawing to help us create a short film to tell the stories from Professor Abdullah’s Metal Metropolis and other Imaginary Communities. All you have to do is watch the videos of the stories and draw your favourite part. Then, with your parent or guardian’s permission, email Lauren at lauren@wearechol.co.uk your drawing and we will work our magic and turn it into a short video.

Stretch and Story

Each weekday morning join Jess and Nyree on our Facebook page for a gentle morning stretch to waken up the body and mind followed by a story.

To catch up on all the videos so far in our stretch and story sequence follow this link.

Help Our Characters!

Some of our characters have become bored and restless due to social distancing. They need your help to go on an imaginary adventure. Tune into to our Facebook page every Friday to see which character needs your help by adding your suggestions in the comments. Remember to check back in on Monday to find out what they got up to over the weekend!

Here is what they have got up to so far…..

Coming Soon!

Keep checking this page for more updates!

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