Help us find the Eldon Street Beast!

Uh-oh! The Eldon Street Beast is missing! But what does it look like? Where has it been spotted and what other mythical creatures in the area might know something about its whereabouts?

Young people and their grownups are invited to join us from 10am-4pm on Monday 24 October, where we will be set up in our hard-to-miss Cholavan, outside the Glass Works in Barnsley. This is where the adventure begins! Get your thinking hats and creative caps on and help us to uncover the mysterious hidden world of myth and magic lurking right underneath your nose.

Activities include art and crafts, map-making, and event and character creation, and aims to raise awareness of the Eldon Street card game while gathering ideas from, and engaging with the local community.

This event is presented in partnership with Story Trails.

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