Equal Players – 2018/2019

In 2018 and 2019 we ran a series of events exploring what being an ‘Equal Player’ with Chol meant. Working with over 500 children and young people from across Yorkshire, we co-created a number of artworks including our first Children’s story book, a series of animations and a large scale production. This project was possible due to funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Arts Council England.

Professor Abdullah’s Metal Metropolis and other Imaginary Communities

On Saturday the 20th of October 2018 we officially launched our first children’s book, Professor Abdullah’s Metal Metropolis and Other Imaginary Communities. Read all about the project here.

Animated Communities

Throughout the project we worked with children and young people from Huddersfield, Featherstone, Hull and Rotherham to co-create 5 short animations with professional animation artists. Follow this link to view the films.


Summer Residency at Walkley Library

In July 2019, Chol held a mini residency at Walkley Library. Over 100 young people and their families experienced a variety of workshops including Mini Worlds for under 5s and their families and Drop in and Animate. To read all about it head to our blog.

Throughout the whole project a number of characters were created by children and young people. Follow the link to meet some of these characters who have been immortalised by artists and designer Ruth Dyer.

Escape Realms

In March 2019, Chol worked with young people from across Rotherham to create a multimedia performance installation exploring their vision of the future.

Postcards of Practice

This animation was created by Ruth Dyer (illustrator) and Jon Harrison (animator) to portray the 5 stages of Imaginary Communities. The characters were created by children and young people during our ‘Equal Players Project’ 2018/19.

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