Equal Players

Equal Players (EP) is our co-creating approach to working with children and young people in their everyday spaces to develop and make artwork. EP creates a space where young people have equal input and control over the artistic process. Young people are involved in the decision making alongside adults and professional artists

Giving young people shared responsibility over the creative process allows them to develop a voice in real and imagined worlds.

Equal Players: Aims

Develop creative skills.
Each project will create new artwork and together with professional artists, every participant will develop creative skills and use their imaginations in new ways. Each project will leave behind a legacy and a lasting impact on everyone taking part as ‘equal players’.

Create positive relationships and community aspirations.
Within an EP project participants are valued as active members of real and imagined communities and develop an increased sense of individual and collective aspiration. We believe that through the co-created artistic process each individual will begin to re-imagine and re-create a real sense of community.

Provide a platform to be heard.
EP creates a community where everyone feels valued and heard, participants learn to question and include contributions from others. Each EP project provides a space for individuals to voice and explore issues that are meaningful to them.

During my involvement in the project I realised that arts can bring people together and create communities. From my point of view, Chol theatre, through the escape realms, gave voice and agency to the children of Rotherham and offered them the chance to be creative and to feel a part of the community

Antonia Mourou

How to Get Involved

In Schools with children and young people alongside their teachers. To date our work has had an extraordinary impact on children and young people who are disengaged with their learning or at risk of exclusion from school. EP brings enjoyment and engagement to the classroom.

In ‘everyday spaces’ with children and young people and professional artists. From muddy fields to swimming pools, we are constantly looking for new and exciting spaces to tell our stories. We work in the heart of the community creating opportunities for CYP to reimagining their everyday surroundings.

In the community with children and their families. Using our unique Equal Player strategies participants are invited to create, explore and become immersed in real and imaginary worlds. Participants of all ages have the freedom to create alongside each other to explore beliefs and values in an open and genuine way.

We have seen the confidence of young people grow as well as them being supported to work together to make new friends and most importantly to have fun!

Elizabeth Robson Barnardo’s, Young Carers Kirklees

For more information or to speak to Chol about our Equal Players Programmes, either to get involved with a project or to commission Chol to create an Equal Players Project, please contact Lauren Ash at Lauren@wearechol.co.uk

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