By Chol

Environmental Devastation

“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!

Leader of the free world.

Only it’s not, is it. Free I mean. We’ve carved it up, shaped it, manipulated its uses for our gain. Now she’s fighting back. This human activity busying itself that they’ve failed to notice. Great grey smog swells, huge power stations with their pillars of power that represent, what exactly?

We attempt to dance and hopscotch missing the acid rain, turning up our car radios to drown out the dull car fumes. Meetings across continents, planes carving their excuses in the sad sky. Gas lines and tunnels, weapons of power and presence for nations to demand more and squeeze, squeeze and squeeze.

Rumours spread like wildfire – almost as swift as the burning of trees. The disregard for the animal kingdom, its beings whose language we cannot speak means we pretend we cannot hear. But we are here, living in a moment, youthful green voices galloping across our channels, news, conversations that grow and demand to be listened to.

Our earthly despair begins to lose its dominance and these new pathways of perseverance lead to hope. 

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