By Chol


I’m all alone in the distance, watching the world disintegrate in front of my eyes. How will I survive without money? I have had to give up my savings to my family to save my younger brother in the flames and I haven’t seen them since. That was a week ago now. My mouth was chapped, my legs were dragging on the floor from the miles I had walked. The uncertainty hung over my head like a dark cloud, are my family alive somewhere? Did they all die in the flames? Are they walking around aimlessly trying to find me? 

Before the city went up in lights, I was working unfixed hours at a warehouse close to home. I was saving up for a place of my own. Both my parents worked two jobs to make sure we had food on the table. I had no other commitments than work. That was what I was taught, to lead a worthwhile life, I will work until I’m dead. It’s as if my soul had died in the flames with my family. Who am I now? What am I capable to do with my life now when all that’s left is rubble. I literally have nothing left other than my own company. I’m unsuccessful, unemployed and have been walking for miles with nothing insight. 

When feelings parade me like this, I would isolate myself from the world by putting my earphones in on full blast and dance my troubles away. Although, after my belongings got damaged in the fire, I sang aloud, trying to carry a tune, hoping that someone would hear me. But only the bristle of the wind could hear me. Many cultures carry songs as a sign of communication or to manifest hope in a bad situation. If this isn’t a bad situation, I don’t know what is. But so far, no luck.   

Many sleepless nights continued to allude me, however I knew that rest would allow me to continue my goal of finding people once again. I lie my body slowly on the ground, daggers of rock and plastic covered with layers of dust attach to my back. I lay awake, hoping I can once again find not only members of the human race, but myself. As a new day rises, so do I. 

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