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Days of Joy Exhibition

This exhibition has been co-created with children and young people from various locations across Barnsley.

Days of Joy is a new arts engagement and youth voice project co-created with Children and Young People from across Barnsley. The project has been delivered in 3 stages, beginning with a consultation period before creating art work and finally exhibiting the project in a variety of locations across Barnsley.


Six classes from three schools took part in an introduction creative workshop with Lauren Ash from Chol. These workshops develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of different arts activities, exploring common activities as well as the lesser know arts.


Following on from the introduction workshop each class was paired with a South Yorkshire Artist to explore an arts based practice (or two) to create their own artwork. Each class took part in a series of workshops that developed their arts based skills as well as building their confidence, teamwork, and problem solving.

Two Y6 classes learnt the skills to make their own theatre masks with artist Sara Jane Palmer. They created a variety of colourful characters before exploring techniques used in mask theatre performance. The classes then worked in small groups to create their own short performances which they performed in front of teachers and peers.

Two Y4 classes worked with Beccy Dye and create some very interesting characters who took part in a battle of the bands competition. The class also invented their own unique musical instruments that they demonstrated through performance.

In the third school the classes worked with artist Sally Philburn and each class took part in an activity exploring the work of Lowry, where they were able to pose in ‘Lowry-style’ positions for each other to inspire their own black and white sketches. Following on the classes took on their own projects, the Y4/5s created stain-glass windows inspired by joy and the Y6 class created ‘Shields of Joy’ inspired by the royal coat of arms.


The Days of Joy exhibition has been created to celebrate the achievements of the children and showcase their artwork. It is currently touring around spaces in Barnsley. To find out where it can be found please keep an eye on our social media.

We are also taking the opportunity to find out what further arts, culture and heritage opportunities you would like to see available in Barnsley. These findings will help us and many other organisations create future opportunities in the area. To have your say please fill in this anonymous form. Thank you.

This project was possible due to funding from Barnsley Council and The National Lottery Community Fund’s Platinum Jubilee Fund.

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