Daily Stretch and Story

Join Jess and Nyree for a morning stretch and story. Start off your day with a lovely stretch – a perfect thing for you and your little ones to do together. Did you know that stretching and deep breathing sharpens attention and concentration as well as calming and centering the central nervous system?

Stretch and Story Advisory

Please be advised that there are risks involved when participating in any exercise activity. To ensure your safety and obtain the maximum benefits of these stretches, please go gently and do not force any of the stretches. All stretches should be performed in the manner described and if at any point during the stretches you feel any sort of pain, you should stop immediately. 
Chol assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing the techniques in this video. Users perform the stretches at their own risk.
If you have requests for modifications or any general questions please contact us directly at jess@wearechol.co.uk.

You can join Jess and Nyree for a morning Stretch and Story and find all our videos in this series on our Facebook page or see the links below.


This series has been possible due to support from Magic Little Grants

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