Creating Stories for Objects

Creating Stories for Objects.

Welcome to this quick tutorial on creating stories for objects. Here you will find an easy step by step guide for when you are a bit stuck, or your imagination needs warmed up.

Firstly you need an object! It will help if you have the object in front of you so that you can use all your senses to help you. However, if this is not possible a picture will do just as well. You will just need to delve a little bit deeper into your imagination!

Use the Senses!


Holding the object, or looking at the picture, look really closely at it and see if there are any marks on it. If it helps, write down some adjectives to describe it. How did the object get the marks? You might know – it might have been you! Or be inventive and make it up.


Next feel, or imagine touching, the object, how does it feel? Is it rough, smooth, are there places other people might have touched? Who? Why? Are there places that are worn away? Write all these ideas down, adding adjectives as you go.


Does your object make a sound? What does it sound like? Does it make the sound by itself or do you have to do something to make the sound. Will the object only make the sound when something special happens or is about to happen? Write it all down.

Smell and Taste

For health and safety please do not taste you object, but use your imagination. You can smell it, it might be helpful to close your eyes to smell it. Write down anything it reminds you of or any pictures that appear in your mind when you smell it. Make sure you include adjectives to help describe the smell.

Now, go back to all the notes and pick out your favourite ideas. Don’t worry about discarding some of the them, writing is all about editing. And you might want to use those ideas for another object or story. An idea is never lost!

Finally, piece them all together and you will begin to see a story emerging. To complete your ideas add in some more details such as where the object is from, when it is from and who might have owned it. If you are feeling really creative you could write a whole short story based around this one object.

What else can you do with the story?

You can use the story for anything, why not try to create a cabinet of curiosities following our tutorial, or create your own animation, comic book or play script. With a bit of imagination, anything is possible!

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