Cholavan Summer Camps

The Cholavan has had a very busy summer making it’s way around Kirklees. We’ve been working with The Children’s Arts School to deliver creative summer camps across 6 different venues, making, creating, imagining and storytelling.

The camps have been a great success and the Cholavan has certainly got off to a grand old start with it’s first summer on the road. We had many moments of awe standing back and looking at the Cholavan doing it’s thing. It’s still hard to believe that in the short space of 12 months, thanks to our wonderful supporters and dedicated team, we’ve managed to fundraise and convert a space that allows us to make joyful experiences and magical memories with children and young people in the heart of their communities. 

If this summer is anything to go by, we know that the Cholavan is certainly in for many more adventures and will continue to make it possible for us to provide meaningful opportunities for children and young people in their communities. 

We have big plans for the Cholavan over the next 12 months and we can’t wait to share our upcoming young people’s project in the next few weeks!

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