Chol unveils large-scale Windrush Mural in Kirklees  

Chol is delighted to unveil their large-scale mobile Windrush Mural in Kirklees, a culmination of a six-month Windrush Generation project, presented in collaboration with Milton Brown of Kirklees Local Television (KLTV) and artist Natasha Clarke. The project has been an exploration of the lives and shared experiences of Kirklees’ Windrush Generation, highlighting the vibrance and energy that the Windrush Generation has brought to Huddersfield. 

Creating a Lasting Legacy: The Launch of the Kirklees Windrush Mural

Funded by the Government’s Windrush Day Grant Scheme with additional support from Kirklees Council, the mural has been developed through creative workshops with young people, ranging from ages 6-18 years, in schools across Kirklees. Mural artist Natasha Clarke collaborated with poet Donavan Christopher to deliver the sessions, exploring themes of prejudice, empathy and kindness. Clarke and Christopher also worked with college students using local people’s stories filmed by Milton Brown at KLTV as a starting point. 

The  young people’s reactions to these stories inspired Clarke in her designs for the Windrush mural. The mural features a balance of representation, so those connected to the Windrush generation can relate to it, as well as other communities in the area. The mural is painted on mobile boards enabling Chol to tour it to different events, schools and neighborhoods.

On the mural, Natasha said: “The rich Windrush history, which Milton did an incredible job at capturing in his documentaries, has been the important focus point for this mural. Respecting the stories and experiences whilst looking towards a brighter future is what I aimed to achieve. I feel privileged to have created this artwork, which means a lot for the Windrush Generation, and the children and grandchildren of the Windrush community. As an artist and curator I am driven by making art more accessible to those who do not typically visit galleries or museums; because this is a mobile piece, it also has a fantastic advantage of ‘going to people, rather than people coming to us.’” 

Chol’s Lauren Townsend, who produced the Windrush Generation project said: “It’s been a pleasure to lead this project which celebrates and commemorates the impact of the Windrush Generation in the Kirklees region. Working with young people and children, while also bringing others into the conversation has added insight and value to the project, to assist Natasha in the creation of her stunning artwork. The now-completed mural provides an opportunity for people from a variety of communities to see and explore the heritage and the richness of Kirklees that has been gifted to us by the Windrush  generation.”

Currently we are coordinating the mural tour which will visit schools, libraries and community spaces using our Cholavan.

If you would like an opportunity to see the mural or share it with others, or you would simply like to find out more about the project, please email You can watch how the mural was brought to life here Windrush Mural video here.  

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