Imaginary Communities

Imaginary What?!

Imaginary Communities? Funny name, what’s that about? Well, it’s actually about something that’s very real, a new set of drama techniques that are having a huge impact in schools in Yorkshire and beyond, enabling students and teachers to be more creative, engaged and empowered in their lessons. Developed by Chol’s Creative Projects Director Vicky Sawka, ‘Imaginary Communities’ is a set of tools…

Creative collaboration in the classroom, it’s magic!

POSTED DECEMBER 6, 2016 BY CHOL THEATRE Right, just ventured from our Viking Settlement, my character Eric, the Chief’s son, has been busy preparing for battle with our sworn enemy. I’ve been working with Chol since September, right from the start the children were engaged and excited to share their ideas.  They worked collaboratively, in a way that I have never seen before, to develop…

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