About us

We are Chol – where everything is possible.

We are leading a creative revolution in local communities where every young person feels powerful, valued, and connected.

We specialise in co-creating art in everyday spaces with children and young people from early years to early career. Our practice increases artistic skills, literacy and confidence. This enables participants from all backgrounds to feel powerful and connected. Our primary focus is to bring theatre and arts into the heart of  local communities, inspiring creativity and making art accessible for everyone.

We believe in the power of art

Through our flagship arts projects Imaginary Communities and Equal Players we inspire creativity. We specialise in co-creating art in everyday spaces and explore real and imagined stories, to create theatre and art that is accessible to everybody.

We are socially conscious and interested in local communities.

We are based in Yorkshire but work nationally, with connections throughout the world. Our work takes place in everyday spaces – libraries, schools, streets, parks and community centres. Our projects are driven by our desire to involve people in making art that responds to identity and locality.

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