A New Life in Huddersfield

As part of the lead up to our latest performance ‘Made in Huddersfield‘, we wanted to share the documentary ‘A New Life in Huddersfield’ produced by Mandeep Samra for THE WHITE LINE heritage project in 2017/18. Mandeep has been an integral part of the production team for ‘Made in Huddersfield‘ and we are very lucky to have her wealth of knowledge informing this project.

Mandeep with Susan (Chol CEO) working on THE WHITE LINES project in 2018

Mandeep explained that the film, A NEW LIFE IN HUDDERSFIELD – MEMORIES OF PARTITION AND MIGRATION, features stories of the 1947 Partition of India, when colonial British administrators began dismantling the empire. This film shows families’ subsequent migration from India to post-war Britain in search of a better future.

Interviewees talk about how they encountered discrimination and prejudice in the workplace. One interviewee Gindi Sarai talks (7:13- ) about the racism she encountered in the textile mills in Huddersfield. She comments: “There was a lot of racism in those days and on top of this the company would give the  piece rate jobs that were easy and well paid to the English women.”

To see the full documentary please follow this link. We hope you can also join us on Thursday for Made in Huddersfield, you can reserve your tickets here.

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