HD100 Premiere

Chol Theatre presents the world premiere of HD100.

HD100, a snapshot of Huddersfield today made via interviews with 100 local people, is a surprising, funny and emotional take on living in Huddersfield.

LBT resident company Chol Theatre makes theatre that responds to identity and place, creating contemporary work that explores people’s relationship to where they live. Director Amanda Huxtable (Bag Lady, Totally Over You) and writer/producer Susan Burns (Beast Market, Have You Seen Evangeline?) have teamed up to place 100 lives side by side, creating a story of a day, right here, a moment in time.

HD100 celebrates our hometown’s culture, residents, workers and visitors. Huddersfield – where people with or without local ties are at the centre of their own universe.

Main Stage 7:30pm

Tickets £10-£14 / Under 26s £7 / Kirklees Passport Holders £3 off.

Check out our trailer!

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